11 comments on “Night at the Park

  1. WOW, Scott…. never got so many words out of you , in person. You are a writer. Maybe a little Williams blood got in there somewhere. How do you type in Japanese on your computer? I was amazed that you could do that. Maybe you have an “ap” that allows you to do so?

    You would probably be a very good teacher of English, especially with a young boy, I would think.
    They all love the same things you loved as a boy, I’m sure.

    Looking forward to more pictures. Are you in school all day, so that it’s only NIGHT TIME that you
    can take photos? Love to see some of the people in daytime shots.

    The description of the watermelon sign was very funny. YUP, they probably have NO IDEA!

    Hugs, Grandma Gerri

    • I have a few of people on my facebook. I just haven’t posted many pictures here. There are around 200 on facebook.

      I actually get out of school fairly early most days. I’m usually out before 5pm and start class at like 11am. That is with an almost hour lunch and such too.

      You can actually go in and change some little settings that let you type in japanese. It is quite easy.

  2. I loved this post!! I think you would do fine teaching a child. They would teach you Japanese at the same time!! Some sit still better than others and all would love the personal attention from you! However, I’ve told you before and I’ll remind you again that we will always pay for your food!! And rent(is it due yet?). Thank you for sharing and enjoy church and the swap meet!!!

  3. I think if you ever get the time you should just write a story. A short story about something, anything (as long as its not boring :P) I would read it and I have a feeling that others as well. I know its not something that you would normally do, but I think you should take it into consideration. You are a fantastic writer. 🙂

    I love this post. I think it’s safe to assume that it is my favorite one you have posted thus far. The Japanese church sounds amazing, I know I’m posting this after reading your most recent post, but it almost seems like you enjoyed the Japanese church more so than the English one. Though I know language plays a large role in deciding on one.

    The bakery sounds yummy. Who doesn’t love a good bakery especially at a fair price?

    The pictures you took are beautiful. It’s amazing how much better you’ve gotten in just the short time you’ve had your camera. Keep it up! 🙂

  4. It seems that you don’t actually get randoms commenting…. but hey, there is always a first right?

    It’s really interesting to read about your experiences and just running into the different things compaired to the western world….

    Anyways I actually have no idea how I ended up here…. I think I was looking at wreakers based in Toowoomba, Australia…..

    God bless the internet 😛



  5. Well Scott, you should have come and babysat while you were in Waco. I’m sure you could handle (if not enjoy) teaching kids.

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