9 comments on “Random thoughts and experiences?

  1. I can understand the guy feeding his cats in the park. If everyone lives in such small spaces, how would you like to live with a bunch of cats and their fleas? NOT!

    Did you mean “gleaning”, not “gleaming,” when you spoke about the pastor? I assume so, just
    a typo.

    Are there no other churches nearby that you can attend?

    Flea market sounds fun. Hey buy the Japanese Flag. I’ll pay for it! Early XMAS present!

    love, Grandma Gerri

    • I suppose that could be why the cats are outside, but a lot of people seem to keep cats and small dogs.

      Yep, you caught a typo :p.

      There are very few churches here and even less in English, so, no. There really aren’t any other choices.

      Lol, we will see. I’ll probably go again next week regardless just to see whats there.

  2. Ok to be fair, the grocery store near my place accepts cards. I haven’t tried it though because apparently one of the international students here tried that, and it was a rather complicated process. First the standard debit/credit question, but then they had a bit of a miscommunication as to the next part when the cashier was asking for some kind of number.

    Apparently in Japan, they found out, when you use a credit card you can spread your payment over the course of a number of months to pay it off, and the number of months was what the cashier was asking them. I have no idea if we had the ability to do that in the states but it sounded quite ridiculous to me..

    • First of all, nice glasses bro.

      On to cards. Really? They would let me use mine at the local Tobu. Then again, I could have no idea what is going on. Formal language kills me. I just now started figuring what they were saying when they ask if I want a bag.

      Spread a grocery bill across months? That would be so weird….

      • Heh, I honestly have no idea where it’s pulling that picture of me as I don’t remember making a “gravatar” account. Ah well.

        Also I’ve always known they were asking about bags as from the beginning I luckily just copied the person in front of me in line, but if you could tell me the actual words those lightning-speaking cashiers are using that would be fantastic~

  3. You were were about this post. Not really a fun story. Darn. Though I do enjoying reading your posts regardless. I really want to see this cat man as well!! I love cats. Maybe I should steal a Japanese cat, wouldn’t that be great? Are there many stray cats there like this is here?

    The church sounds quite interesting. Slightly strange that it’s basically a nomadic church with not many (if any) permanent members. I wonder if the United States have any churches like that. Surely we do.

    I must admit I started to laugh when I read about you dedicating a pocket just for change. The thought is so foreign to me since you are so against change. You hate the weight and sound if I remember correctly. I bet you jingle now. Bahaha. Though when you get your cell phone how will the pocket situation work out?

    I really want to see this flea market. Could you possibly take pictures next time your there? It sounds absolutely wonderful. I think everywhere could use more flea markets, or just random places to buy old junk. That flag sounds awesome. Was it as awesome as that WWII poster we saw in Ft. Worth?

    Your blogs are turning out amazing. Make sure to keep it updated. 😉

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