3 comments on “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  1. Humm, sounds like a marital argument of some sort. Too bad that they did it in public.
    Hopefully, she is OK, as he sounds like he’s angry enough to hurt her.

    Well, it could happen here, Scott. I remember in Thailand that there would be such
    arguments… even though most people were really sweet. When they get mad, they

    Be careful, you don’t want to get involved. Obviously there were other people around
    hearing the argument, and they did nothing…. I would say, that might tell you to keep
    away from it….

    Be safe.

    G. Gerri

    • Normally i would be the last person to involve myself in anything resembling a conflict but this seemed quite odd to me. Given peoples affairsare their own, but usually someone would take notice of anything that public in the US. Japan does have a history of sexism, to me this just seemed a glaring example.

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