5 comments on “Adventure

  1. So typical of you Scotty love. Wandering around , getting lost, finding your way, only to get lost again, but isn’t that what an adventure is all about? And it sounds like you indeed had yourself quite an adventure.

    That area is sooo beautiful, I bet pictures don’t do it justice. But it will have to do for not since it’s nice I can be transported there, though it would be awesome. I shouldn’t dream of impossible things though.

    Small town areas are so much better than larger places, and normally they have the better food. Though they do normally get fairly confused when they see people other than the ones they know.

    Sorry for not a great comment, but I’m still tired 😛

  2. Love llove love this! So glad I didn’t know u were lost in the hills till u were safely home. Hope that was not gray water you drank. Didn’t your brothers experience teach u to fear strange water. What an incredible experience an a great tale!! Love the pics too!!!

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