4 comments on “Planes, trains, and not a single automobile for me

  1. Good post love. Very entertaining.

    I remember enjoying the train the few times I rode them, but riding them everyday seems like a slight hassle, it also might take the enjoyment of adventure away too. Here at home there isn’t a need for trains so when the time comes to ride one it’s like a new adventure, though a slightly lame one. But I still can’t help thinking, “Yay! I get to ride a train! This is going to be so much fun!”

    Are the train stations similar to the one in Chicago, only more subway like? I didn’t like that place very much. I’m sure you remember since I clutched onto you until we reached the freedom of outside. It was just so crowded and there were tons of people. I’m sure Tokyo is so much worse.

    Bikes… Those sound interesting. I’m trying to imagine it. I love bikes. I think it would be pretty darn nifty to be able to ride them to and from places. Though also sounds like an intense bike version of Frogger. YIkes! (Guess you haven’t really seen any video game things hmm?) Wish I could be that talented when it comes to riding bikes. I would totally take my cats on adventures if I could. 😉

    I love walking. Love, love, love walking. It is so much fun! And it always feels like you can walk forever and ever without getting tired. (Except for me in certain weather conditions, which you know all about.) It’s the best way to gain that sense of adventure. Plus it is a great way to people watch without being completely creepy. 😛

    Though this reminds me. Do you suppose you could write a blog post on people’s reactions to you? You mention your reactions towards them, but never the opposite. I’m super curious. How do they people watch? Do they treat you differently? Do they assume stereotypical things about you? Do they ask you random questions? Etc… I think this is the anthropological part of me speaking, but I am very curious. I want to know how you are viewed by them.

    Oops. Sorry for the long comment. But I really did enjoy this blog post! Love you 🙂

  2. Great visuals and I am looking forward to seeing it. I love Stormy’s description of bike Frogger! I’m guessing that they do look at you with their head cocked wondering about you too like Stormy said, but that’s what makes life fun…community, curiosity, and comnections. Thanks again for sharing!

  3. I just heard a story about a man who could TEXT with his phone in his pocket.
    That was a weird one.

    Grandma Gerri

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