8 comments on “Two days of Travel Deserves a Doubly Long Story

  1. That sounds like it was so much fun! I’m so jealous of your trip.

    And ohmygosh, the pictures of the festival are GORGEOUS. The ones of the people in costume look professional. I love the contrast of the two girls in traditional costume with the natural scenery playing with their modern cell phones. And the one of the guy on the streets is amazing! Did you use your tripod and a long exposure for that? I’m assuming he was just standing still?

    • Ya, he was standing still trying to get people into his shop. I just put my camera on a step actually and used a long exposure with a really small aperture size.

      So, the long exposure lets you see all the movement and the small aperture keeps it from turning all white.

  2. Ok, the mother in me quakes when it’s hears of you getting lost and getting in the car with a stranger, but that said, I am so jealous!! What a beautiful adventure and a blessing. God is showing you to see the world in a whole new way. You seem to be getting fairly well versed in the language and that is awesome. Thank goodness you bought that tablet, huh??? Can’t wait to see it all!!!

  3. First off, that post wasn’t that long. Way you made it sound it was never ending.
    Secondly, I’m jealous. Very jealous. Very, very jealous. You get the point. I’m so glad that you are having an amazing time. I’m glad that you got to go on this little adventure, definitely looks/appears like that you enjoyed it.

    You got lucky about the festival. Just think if you picked a different weekend you would have missed out on something fantastic, and we would have missed out on some pretty nifty pictures. I agree with Katelyn on your quality of photos. It is amazing how much better you have gotten. I honestly think you have an eye for photography. Please let this be a hobby that never dies. You are much too good at it.

    I am quite displeased by the fact that you only have ONE photo of yourself. Out of 700 (give or take) there’s only 1 of you. This makes me quite sad. You need proof that you were actually at these amazing places silly. 😛

    You getting lost is happening a little too much in my opinion. I’m not liking this idea of you getting lost everywhere. I know Japan is safe, but still makes me worry. I agree with Maggie on the fact of good thing you bought that tablet. It seems to save you from time to time. You also remain much too calm when getting lost. I would be frustrated and scared. Haha. Lucky.

    Thank you for this insight on this amazing place, but I am still waiting for the post I requested. 😛
    (Also, take note of gender roles :P)

  4. REALLY ENJOYING your photos Scott. What a place to hone your skills… lucky you!
    I was intrigued by the fact that they sweep the grounds, to keep the leaves off of the moss so
    it will grow. Never ever would have realized that.

    By the way, the LA TIMES had a writer there in Tokyo for years… name is Sam Jameison. He
    became so imbedded in the culture, that when he was finally to retire, he just couldn’t leave.
    I believe he still lives there, somewhere… but not sure. He is entirely fluent in the language.

    He wrote a book… have to check the title out for you. I believe it was something quite scholarly,
    but don’t know the subject.

    G. Gerri

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