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  1. Hey Scott, glad that you were able to work out your trip to Nepal. Just don’t wander off the beaten path… we won’t be happy if we have to get you out of an Iranian jail. HA!

    Now, a job that allows you to travel. Well, there’s the news business, the world bank, government
    positions at embassies. Also, travel agent, representative for some major companies that sell their products overseas. Or, teaching. Many International schools abroad that hire teachers (low pay),
    to teach in their schools. Probably a few more that I can’t think of…. but you can track them down.

    Most people want the Asian postings, because they are “cheap” places to live. If you take a European post, then you’re going to always be short on cash. EXPENSIVE. Thailand is a favorite of US citizens, because it is so cheap, and fairly easy to travel around to Burma (Myanmar), Viet Nam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore. All these are accessible from Thailand without flying, though usually you fly into Burma…. not drive, since the roads are horrendous. I think Laos is still closed.
    They won’t let US citizens in.

    Of course, you can also get to other countries easily by flying, and usually the cost is low, compared to other destinations. India is a fascinating place. I remember being in Delhi and in the street…everything was happening. A man was getting a shave, someone herding chickens, or animals down the street, people carrying huge bundles of things, women dressed in their colorful saris, it was fascinating.

    Probably the countries that are the cheapest these days are Asia and So. America.

    Will be interesting to see if you can line up your travel desires with a suitably paying job!.

    By the way, watch your personal computers/cameras/ etc. carefully. They are prime for being stolen.


  2. Not sure how I missed this coming out but my mom told me about it. Yes, trip planning takes tons of time. I did a lot of Europe, remember! But you are getting awfully good at it! Can’t wait to see you in just a few weeks! Wow! So soon! And it is only a couple weeks after that you leave for Napal. Crazy! Thx for sharing!


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