5 comments on “About me.

  1. Let me give you a HUG, silly boy. You’ve got the makings of a TEACHER in there somewhere! Like to make other people THINK?

    One word of warning, where there’s ONE SPIDER, there’s GOT TO BE MORE! HA!

  2. I have to disagree with Ms. Sun. I have lived with you, well, all your life. From day one. And I see you as never before because of your blogs. I understand your personality, respect it, and admire it in a whole new way. In fact, if possible I would say I love you in a much deeper way because of the understanding I have gained through your blogs. Is that even possible from your own mother? So write on! Now I could have pegged you for a spider keeper and I certainly knew your passion for wander, but this ability to pour out yourself in words has come out of nowhere! Thank you for sharing and can I tell you how incredibly proud I am of you!!!

  3. I think there’s a lot of personality in your blogs. But I have to agree with you that there is probably the issue of the language barrier. You enjoy saying things that I can see non-English speakers getting really confused about. You enjoy jokes and phrases from other things (mainly a media of some kind) too much. References that wouldn’t make much sense to them.

    It is not shocking at all to hear about your pet spider. I wish you would have told me about him earlier, he would have a name by now. 😉 Is he just a typical spider? Are you going to name him? Please do. I almost suggested the name George, but that’s already taken. Still haven’t figured out why I call you George randomly….(This also reminds me of the episode of House where he’s in prison and his cellmate has the pet cricket.) Also, I want to see this spider. Hopefully he isn’t dead now. That would be quite sad.

    P.S. Try and be a little more formal. It’s fun 🙂

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