4 comments on “Belated, break, and blossoms

  1. Sounds like your trip to Nepal was actually rather difficult, but it seems like you had fun. So much hiking! I like the photos you took too. They really capture some special moments. Of course, I’m glad you’re back in Japan. Everybody takes photos of hanami, and Tokyo never lets you get away from people, but there are a few moments when it’s possible to forget about the city and enjoy the nature in solace. I enjoyed reading this blog post a lot, and I’ll see you around.


  2. Loved the photo of the white horse, up the trail, and behind a big tree….that one is sellable!
    Glad your second semester is starting out well. We’ve had a bit of rain here, so the hot season
    has not hit YET! My house leveling went well… I THINK. Now I’m trying to fix the floor in the art
    room… where they had to dig holes to get underneath. Happy belated EASTER! love, GG

  3. Heard things about Nepal I hafn’t heard before!! Amazing! I loved your idea of mailing us petals! Wish that would work!

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