4 comments on “Hoodies, Houses and Holmes

  1. I’m a little birdy now huh? Oh well. I will take on the name with pride. 😉

    Though I’m glad that you were able to tell a little more about your ski trip. You always appeaer to give more information related to things you do in your blog rather than in normal conversation. I’m glad you had fun and after all how many people can say “I got to water ski in Japan!” Though I don’t see why you hated that yellow jacket so much. Didn’t appear too bad to me, maybe because you’re sitting?

    As for your rambling… I feel like I’ve heard this. Multiple times. But I am glad that you have something that you truly enjoy. I hope you get much, much better at it. Always nice when happiness comes to you in new and exciting ideas or things. Love you 🙂

  2. Hey Scott,
    We’ve all been so busy with our various problems, that I’m afraid we’ve ignored you of late.
    SORRY. My house leveling was a horrendous undertaking… at one point there were piles
    of dirt 5 feet high in my art studio. Everything was moved towards the windows. Once they
    were done, I had 8 2×2 foot holes in the floor, cemented over. Had to hire someone to
    scratch up the existing floor and even out the edges of the 8 holes, then Jon Carpenter
    and his sister came and epoxied the floor, after primering the holes. By then, everything
    was moved to inside the house, so that the entire porch space was empty. I’ve just now
    got it all back together. Your Mother, as you know, has had concerns about Sally. And
    I’ve also been busy with a fund raiser for the ARTS COUNCIL. Now, the fact that you
    might waterski in Japan never crossed my mind. WOW! And it sounds like you had a
    good time. Now, will you explain what ANAMIE (spelling it right?) means???? love GG

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