5 comments on “Concerning Time

  1. Really , really , really loved this! Your observation about child-like wonder and beauty was so inspiring. I also loved your comments about the graveyard…reverence, remembrance, remnant. And of course the pictures were wonderful. You have become a spectacular photographer! So proud of you!

  2. Oh my goodness. I wish I could have been right beside you on this trip. It sounded like it was absolutely fantastic! Exploring an old house from decades past would have made anyone’s day (surely). I am glad you were able to have that experience and was able to catch a slight glimpse into what life may have been like. I wonder how much longer that house will be there. It is amazing how it was literally forgotten. Love the pictures as always. Glad you are having fun love.

  3. Great photos and stories, as always! But I’ll admit, I’m disappointed there weren’t any photos of the actual old house! Did you not take any? You made it sound so cool! I want to see!

    • The pic of the overgrown structure above the house stuff is it. The cup and tin pot were part of the collapsed kitchen. It was too dark inside to take pics.

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