5 comments on “Through the Fire and Flame

  1. Hey Scott, We are all anxious to have you back home soon. Your Mom and I just framed up yours
    and Justin’s prints that were bought when they were there.

    The Atom Bomb was a huge part of my childhood. We were fearful, once we’d dropped it on the Japanese, that someone else would get a bomb (the Russians?) and drop one on us. Hence,
    we had drills in the school where we had to get under our desks… as if it would do any good.

    Also, your Great Grandpa Hugo flew on of the B-29s that was the plane that dropped the bomb.
    It was the largest plane made in those days. I remember crawling through the one he flew,
    one time. Not big by today’s standards, but still it was pretty large.

    The pastor who married Nick and I had been there when they tested the bomb in the Pacific.
    It was what made him become a priest…. the enormity of it, and the pain and suffering it
    caused, I think, made him realize that people had to become more loving to one another.

    Just watched a Paul Strand documentary. He was a photographer at about the same time
    as Alfred Stieglitz…. who was a mentor of sorts to him. Interesting piece. I suspect there’s something
    on-line about him, if you want to know more. His photos were fabulous, though the documentary
    makes a case that he, himself, was not a very open person…. his whole life was photography,
    and he couldn’t relate to others, except through his photography.

    See ya soon.

  2. Hello. I have enjoying stumbling upon your blog–looking for images of Miwajima. I have searched for contact info. to share a photo that might be of interest, just for fun. I was a very young child living in Japan in 1953-54 and have my dad’s Kodachrome slide collection which I post to a family blog. One of the slides is nearly identical to your street scene which pictures the pagoda in the background. Although I haven’t posted this particular shot yet, when I do, I would love to include your current photo, with appropriate credit to do so. Seems it would be neat to show the scene “then and now”. Thanks for your consideration.

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